"Nowadays, Kou is like, 'Ain't I cool for underachieving?' Always putting on airs like that!”
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get to know me meme - [3/5] movies - spirited away

once you meet someone, you never really forget them.

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When you’re old, all you want to do is stare at the scenery. It’s so strange. I’ve never felt so peaceful before.

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Eyes of Ryota Kise.

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"Where’s Kou’s heart right now?"

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I don't think I'll ever forget watching the sunrise with everyone like this
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  the ジョーカー
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"He’s not the Kou from back then. His voice has changed. He’s taller. But the sixteen year-old Kou… I know him now. And what’s causing my heart to pound is… the sixteen year-old Kou… I really…
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